Tron Token

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You can use any TRON wallets which handle TRC10 tokens.

We advise you to use : TronLink or TronWallet.
You can also use coinomi (add tokens/tron)

No need to use distinct addresses, you can mix your TRX and your IDA on the same address.


Decentralized exchanges (DEX) are preferable, some offer a without-fees service, but centralized exchanges are unfortunately more popular at the moment.

Decentralized Exchange : Poloniex
Centralized Exchange : None.
IDA Exchange Tool.


Explore your transactions with any TRON explorer you want.

Explorer : TronScan or TrxExplorer.

What is IDA?

IDA TOKEN is a TRC 10 Token using the TRON blockchain.
The first point to this token is to link website owner / ad-network and netizens (users).
IDA Token should move from advertisers, then website owner, and finally to the end users.... which could (sell or use) his coins to buy anything he wants (maybe from thoses advertisers). provides tools that allow the owner of an ad network or website to use this token (and / or) to return a portion of its revenue that it can afford to its end users.

As IDA is a token related to advertising, it regulates the advertising price from the offer & demand of IDA Token.

It's time to start

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What's next?

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2019 First Airdrop
2019 Promoting IDA, partners & users
2019 Second Airdrop
2020 More webservice tools
2020 3th Airdrop

Tools, API & More

IDA API Use the IDA-API for your website !
IDA Faucet Demo Free IDA-Faucet Script
IDA AIRDROP Did you received some IDA yet?

There is some more things to come.... Stay tuned !