You want to get free tokens?

IDA Airdrop
Everybody like free tokens. AIRDROP is a nice thing for you... You just get some free tokens into your wallet !
IDA does two different airdrops : Random and Token Holder.


Random airdrop is actually : ENABLED

Nothing to do... You just need to be active on the tron blockchain... You will get (or not, that's why it's called random airdrop) some free IDA into your wallet one day or another during the airdrop period. Cross your fingers! :-)


Token-holder airdrop is actually : ENABLED

HOLD IDA or more into your wallet to be qualified for this airdrop.

You need to have at least a number of token and just keep them in your IDA/TRON wallet... After some time the airdrop will give you some free tokens...
More IDA TOKEN you hold, more IDA TOKEN you will get !!
Come back here times to times to know about our AIRDROP... or check our social media.