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2019 Dec 29 IDA Token-Holder Airdrop is OPEN! Register your address on and get +20% of IDA TOKEN at the end of the Token-holder AIRDROP event. So if you have 10,000 IDA TOKEN, you will receive 2,000 IDA TOKEN for free! Happy new year :))
2019 Nov 28 Hi. If you want to trade 10 TRX or more, from now you can use a new website to buy (or sell) your IDA TOKEN ! Enjoy it :
2019 Sep 16 We have received some feedback about IDA TOKEN purchase difficulties. So we added a simple tool to exchange your TRX or BTC for IDA:
2019 Sep 02 The first release of IDA-Faucet script is out ! You will be able to run a faucet without any coding knowledge. Demo here : (The script is free and available on github : )
2019 Aug 27 Random Airdrop is almost done... but Token-Holder IDA Airdrop is starting! If you have 10 IDA or more into your wallet, register your address on this form : (More IDA you hold, more IDA you will get... So, feel free to convert your TRX into IDA now by clicking the "Participate" button, top-right of this page : -- if you need any help to buy your IDA TOKEN, ask on our Telegram or Discord) Up to 100% with 20% guarantee. It mean that with 100 IDA, you will get between 20 to 100 IDA for free!
2019 Aug 13 First step of Airdrop ! We will send 1 IDA token randomly to one active TRX address. Approximately 1 IDA every minute.
2019 Aug 12 IDA-API for website owner is now released ! to get more informations.
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